I have a habit of saving the very best thing on my plate for last. This usually means eating the most bland things first and moving on from there. It has finally occurred to me that this is not the way things are done.

“You don’t like the spicy mushrooms?” she asked with disbelief.

“I love them.”

“Then why aren’t you eating them?”

“To save til the end. I want the best flavor to stay with me,” I said very matter-of-factly.

“But your taste buds are dulled by then, they won’t taste as good.”

I was dumbfounded. They tasted fantastic. It is an interesting perspective. China sees this eating theory as proven fact and acts on it. Hence a bowl of rice is the last thing you get at a restaurant. You fill the remaining space in your tummy since you’ve already satisfied your taste buds.

Maybe that explains why Chinese folks are so thin and I’m not.

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