Someone please explain to me why you would want to be a stowaway on a plane? Climbing up somewhere through the belly of the plane and riding around at below freezing temperatures and lack of comfortable breathing just doesn’t seem to be the way to go to me. Apparently it’s become a popular thing in New York. Heck, even last year here in Shanghai 2 dead French guys fell out of the sky and through a couple of houses on the outskirts of Shanghai from an Air France plane. They apparently didn’t think the plane was going to China, and when the flight turned out to be really long and they were freezing their butts off, they climbed over to the landing gear bay. There, they froze to death. When the landing gear was released, they fell out.

Being a stowaway on a boat is slightly more understandable to me, same with a train. In many cases, you will probably live through the experience, though the consequences may not be so happy. Sneaking into the underbelly of a plane seems like more risk than it’s worth, so I hope whatever was going on in Nigeria and Jamaica was really worth becoming a human popsicle.

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