Beggar story

Last night I went to a great Turkish restaurant and enjoyed great Muslim food. It was a wonderful meal accompanied by very impressive belly dancing. One woman danced beautifully and her body curved in all the right places to make her tempting. The other dancer was more bony and had much less appeal. Beauty aside, their skill was phenomenal, and they were rewarded with a small throng of gawking men outside the window of the small establishment. Our meal was geat,m and topped off by a most interesting exit. A beggar, actually a monk, came into the restaurant asking patrons for money. Beggars make entrances into business establishments regularly and are usually shooed away. This was no different, as the monk received a swift escort to the door. The restaurant manager quickly explained to the monk, “This is a Muslim establishment and it’s just not quite right for you to be here!” So far, it’s the most creative explanation I’ve heard given to a beggar.

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  1. Randy is one hell of a nice guy, too. He came to PvP Meet Boston II, which I set up for members of the PvP Forums, and we got into a discussion about how Fred “Piro” Gallagher really doesn’t deserve the accord he gets. I back Mr. Clevinger, personally. And everyone just has to love PA.

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