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I realize that I have seen many movies and written nothing about them. This post is dedicated to my Christmas viewing this year.

Cell Phone (手机) was a pretty interesting movie starring actors I really like. Here is much info and shots from the movie in Chinese. I like Fang Xiaogang, the director of this film. He manages to make movies about issues that are pressing for today’s mainland residents. Having been here for 4 years, I can seriously say this man has his finger on the pulse of China. This movie features a tv personality and how his cell phone manages to get him into trouble: he has an affair, and his wife finds out about it. They separate. He has a new girlfriend who also finds out about this mysterious lover. Being bleeding edge technology cell phones, his lover sends some racy pictures to his cell phone, and the girlfriend now knows exactly what’s going on. The construction of the plot and life of the characters is very believable, and I found myself yelling at the guy mentally through many parts of the film.

The other movie I saw was Sound of Colors (地下铁). It’s based off of a Jimmy book, and if you haven’t seen any of them then check out the pics etc here. This movie is based on an excellent book, but definitely runs away from the book, instead branching out into the story of two couples. It’s definitely a pretty feel good movie with excellent music planning. I’ll remember the book 10 years from now, though maybe not the movie, but it’s still a good way to spend a couple of hours.

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