301 302

It is my belief that the freakiest horror movies come from Korea and Japan. The Ring was a remake of one of the creepiest Japanese movies I’ve ever seen, and the US version pales in comparison. These horror movies manage to get in your head and under your skin while using pieces of everyday life. There is very little jumping and screaming or excessive gore that Hollywood seems so fond of. This is the art form that creeps you out through subtle hints, leaving your mind to do the rest.

301 302 is a 1995 film from Korea. The story focuses on two women, one an anorexic writer, the other a slightly more plump divorcee. They are neighbors and the ex-housewife sets about fattening up her neighbor. Though a little neurotic, you can’t help but like her. The writer is quite physically repulsed by food, and they confront each other about their myriad issues. This leads the two to a deeper relationship. It might be called a friendship, but I’m not sure. You’d have to see the film to see what I mean. Though the movie moves more and more into the surreal, I was drawn in, duped by the story.

The movie peaks with a death, and the ending is quite creepy. This is the kind of story that gives you shivers and bad dreams because it takes things we find unacceptable and makes them understandable, even merciful.

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