star runner

I recently watched 少年啊虎 (English title starrunner). It was an interesting foray onto the big screen for one of the F4 boys. I had never thought the F4 phenomena would last, and apparently their management is smarter than most, since the boys are all doing independent music, tv, and movie pieces on their own. It makes them stronger individually.

The movie I watched is the prequel to an interesting movie from a few years ago about a washed up martial artist, and that movie (阿虎 or Fighter’s Blues) starred Andy Lau. This foray shows us the abilities of Vanness. His acting is ok, and even though the script was weak, the hip-hop fan has decent moves.

The movie is yet another lover/fighter exploration, only the whole thing doesn’t seem quite comfortable with itself since it’s supposed to be a tragic teacher-student love story. While the movie was playing on a lot of overdone themes, the mixing of styles and fight sequences were fun to watch, and I like surly heroes. So it all worked out well in the end. Overall opinion: good popcorn material, bad investment.

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