encouraging writers

I find myself never quite encouraged by “encouragement for writers.”

There’s not too much to say. Making a living as a writer sucks. There’s a lot of putting your work (or babies) out to slaughter. That’s a hard way to get by, and if it’s not what folks want, then you can’t really pay the rent. Gee, hand over the glamour on a silver platter. Regardless, I like writing and would like to make a go of getting some pieces published.

Neil Gaiman actaully managed to post an answer to a question about being a writer, and I was inspired. I was floored, because I don’t normally go for anything that sounds “inspirational,” but this really did just that. Inspired me. Here’s an excerpt:

The best reaction to a rejection slip is a sort of wild-eyed madness, an evil grin, and sitting yourself in front of the keyboard muttering “Okay, you bastards. Try rejecting this!” and then writing something so unbelievably brilliant that all other writers will disembowel themselves with their pens upon reading it, because there’s nothing left to write. ~Neil Gaiman

It’s most certainly a whole response worth reading, if you ask me. Meanwhile, I’m off to work on some more writing.

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