bbc 6

I have been sitting in an internet bar looking for a form of interesting auditory substance to support both my reading and writing and happened across a little nugget that I should have noticed much earlier.

6 music from the BBC is truly quite neat. I like the station a lot. All of the channels are quite worth surfing, in my opinion, since you could always afford to learn something.

I am listening to one of their programs called the

I really liked this tune called “Plastic Lions” from Eberg on a show called Freak Zone. The show I’m listening to is being guest-hosted by Paul Morley, and it’s very interesting. The fact that this is an Icelandic musician’s piece seriously has me thinking that there is something going on there that has a pull to me. I really like this, and I wonder if maybe there is something there that has a tie to a creative part of me.

My curiosity was piqued by an interview with a band called Scissor Sisters. I feel truly out of the loop when I listen to stuff like this, but their interview and musical tastes made me feel welcome all over again. It was a nice feeling, compared to the horrors of taking a look at the MTV website.

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