SweetPea character sketch

She looked like s pseudo-pop star shot down with an 80s fashion gun. Everything on her was a slightly different shade of pink, with a white backdrop making me wonder if she was actually thirteen or just trying to look eighteen.

The fact that her skirt barely covered her read had me guessing closer to the eighteen range, but she had a baby face that made it hard to decide. Glitter emanated from her dimples, and her hair was colored a light reddish-brown. Her jacket was a baby-tee version of a letter jacket acting as a dress.

Her legwarmers were fascinating in their pinkness, accentuated by traces of lace, and the darker pink platform sneakers. Like many young women, she sported the ultra-wet looking lipstick in glitter pink. Even with a name like “liquid diamonds,” I can’t help the impulse to want to help people wipe the stuff off. He has an oversized brown and pink bag, and lord only knows what’s in it. Her smile is Barbie plastic, and her bangs are perfect and unmoving.

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