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I was truly pleased to read about Anil Dash’s Hair Theory. If you know me, you know that my hair is something that both amazes and frustrates me, and people seemed compelled to touch it. Granted, I’m usually pretty nice about it if you ask first, but here in China it has been challenging to deal with people who touch my hair without even saying anything. You might think “Oh, that must be people who can’t speak English, who assume you can’t speak Chinese.” This is not the case. I get it from everyone, from the people who clean the floor in McDonald’s, to the high school kids I teach English to (and I know they can ask me in English about my hair).

Regardless, I usually give a sigh and let people have their way with my hair.

What I really like about the post is the idea of coming to terms with one’s own hair. In a bigger way, coming to terms with the natural tendency of things. It took me a long time to come to terms with my hair. And here I am at 26 finally willing to let my hair be itself and work with that rather than against it. I only hope that I am doing the same with myself.

Where the theory takes it a bit further is in talking about groups of people. This is where I really had my interest piqued. It says so much about groups I’ve worked with (and continue to work with today). Our world is full of critters of habit. Change is not easy, or in some cases even possible. It’s a good point worth remembering.

Funny to get all that from hair.

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