what’s with ice?

Anil Dash has made yet another insightful observation. The hospitality industry is obsessed with giving us ice, and why is this?

I thought much on it, and realized that this is a pretty weird phenomenon. Even in time share places the ice machines are everywhere. That’s a tad more understandable for me, since folks are filling up their coolers for day trips.

Thankfully, everything is boiled to cleanliness in China, so there are no ice machines here. Granted, I take ice in a drink or two when I can get it, but I have expat friends who avoid ice as though it were the devil incarnate. The idea being that the water may not have been boiled long enough, and everything bad floating around in it may not be dead.

My feeling is this: I live in a city where the heavy metals are more of an issue than actually having a bug do you in, and those are do to lousy old pipes. Boston has lousy old pipes to, so I’m likely to get the same toxic dosage in the Boston area as I am in Shanghai. Add to that the fact that I’m lazy. If I were somewhere with more severe problems then I would be more choosy (as was the case when I visited Gansu province, and other parts of China). I do remind myself, though, that in the end it’ll catch up with us. If it isn’t water laced with all kinds of wonderful grubs to get into your gut, then it’s got enough chlorine that our intestines will be pearly white before the end of our days.

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