taste foray one

Soft and pliable, like butter except that it doesn’t run in your mouth. Sometimes the best things to add to dinner are the easiest things to make.

The best part bout the dish is the idea of a slight surprise, what is suspended in the bottom of the semi-solid goodness. Still, it’s not a dish for one who disliked softness. This isn’t the dish for a girl who is repulsed by the feeling of a tongue the first time she french kisses.

Opaque light yellow jiggly goodness set in a simple large handle-less teacup. This cup holds some wonders of the sea; though I’m not exactly sure what ecology class memories will greet me. A beautiful sliver of fragrant brown shitake sits on the top, begging to be tastes, begging to be savored.

The first spoonful accepts the shitake’s request, bringing it and the smooth salty light yellow goodness to my lips. I hold onto it, betting the dark woody taste mingle with the lightly salted egg. It dances on my tongue and the flavor reaches into every crevasse of my tongue.

If I always ate like this, enjoying each breath and taste, each mouthful, then I would have so much more to say about food, I would have so much more to textualize. As it is, I love to eat and I love different foods, but what I really want to remember every day and ever meal is to savor what I’m eating because very often it’s very good and filled with so much happiness if I just give it the time to surface in my consciousness. Aside from Monday to Friday’s lunches, there is no reason not to savor every mouthful of every meal.

Recipe: Savory Egg Custard with Clams and Shrimp

Note: this is an extremely versatile dish, so don’t worry if you’re allergic to shellfish or don’t eat meat (though if you don’t eat eggs you should stay away). I’ve also had it with bits of chicken inside, finely shredded, pork, fish, or even many vegetables. My personal favorite is a variety of mushrooms.

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  1. The pics u found are really Tsubasa pics, (that involve amine characters from most anime) Just to say, caus Im a huge fan of ccs

  2. Hi… just to tell you that those are not Card Captor Sakura pics… they are Tsubasa pics…

  3. hi just wanna say ur drawings are really great and i love it so much i just want you to know that i am Sakuras’ biggest fan ever i keep on collecting them even stickers and stuff toys!

  4. i just wanna say that sakura was my Favorite anime i really like his face the way she was draw, ..i wave sakura!

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