the talented Nina Simone

We’re closing in on the one year anniversary of Nina Simone’s passing. Do you know who she is? I think you should. There are lots of people who we don’t know, don’t remember, don’t educate ourselves about.

Jazz and blues are movements I think that every American at least should bother trying to get some grasp of, if for nothing else than to have a modicum of cultural understanding… American music history holds ties to every major issue that has gone on in the history of the country, so while you can jam and listen to things you can also get a clue. I think this is important, and I think it will influence my choices in teaching at ESP in the future.

So today, my little thought is to spread a little knowledge of Nina Simone out there. Why? Because she was an amazing creator of music, she got fed up with the US and left, not only because of how people who were culturally “other” saw her, but also because of the way black people acted towards her. She was a civil rights activist, and a very smart opinionated woman who made an amazing amount of music. She’s somone we should learn from.

So, here are your resources for self education:

  • Nina Simone Web be careful, the home links in the pages don’t work
  • Nina Simone – The Official Web Site
  • Nina Simone: Break Down and Let it All Out
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