hold the soul

My friend Andre made a really good comment of late. I like words, I like knowing the meanings of words, and I understand his frustration with the deviation from words’ importance, in this case the word “soul.” So, if you would humor him, you would use it less:

The use of the word soul is, to me, a perfect example of the cheapening of rich spiritual understanding. People talk about souls with such ease. It’s a throwaway word. And yet the actual word is not. Christians use “soul” quite a lot, but Jesus didn’t. Jesus was a Jew, and the concept of “soul” comes from greek. The hebrew concept is embodied in our word “spirit”. …

This all may strike you as word games. If so, it only exemplifies the extent to which we’ve denigrated language, and how far we are from art and language as a place. If there is a symbol of spiritual sickness, it is the way the word “soul” gets thrown around like a cheap rubber ball. …As if to prove that the word and the idea really are the same, the idea becomes cheap, and then people walk around asking why they don’t feel spiritually connected. Link to the whole thing

I highly suggest reading the whole thing, as it’s very well laid out.

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