interesting insects

I like biology, I like bugs, and anyone who met me at Hampshire knows that I am a big fan of interdisciplinary studies. This means I was all jazzed up by ethnomusicology, very excited by studying socioeconomic impacts of environmental change, and very jazzed up by human ecology. Things link together and interact and this is enough to send me jumping up and down and telling everyone al kinds of information that they don’t want to know.

Well, today Dev (a friend from NL), pointed me to something that will have me pointing and clicking and reading for a while because, to me, it’s exciting. Yay interdisciplinary happiness, and it’s bugs. I’ve been thinking about cute and interesting bugs all semester because kids get so into it, so I’ve had bugs on the brain. You too can read bug bios.

As an aside, I have always been a firm believer as personal experience as the way to really build people’s interest in things. This is why zoos, though often poorly executed, are a good idea. When in college I was able to play with a Tanzanian millipede. Let’s just say it’s a millipede that is about 8 inches long and 3/4 of an inch thick. It was a great experience, and gave a whole new level of indentification to me whenever I looked at the Nine Inch Nails album cover.

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