fructose, the next nutrasweet?

My folks have been behind aspartame since forever. This was something that struck me as not necessarily being a good thing. Then, eventually in science class with Mr. Hanlon, we talked about how aspartame acts much like nicotene. You can’t get rid of it, you just build it up in your system.

Well, then my dad became a diabetic, and the landscape of our kitchen went from being an awful lot of aspartame to almost all aspartame. At this point, little alarms went off in my head, but I didn’t much know what to do with it.

Eventually I sent my mom a lot of resources about aspartame and how it is not necessarily a safe substance, not does it necessarily help diabetics as much as everyone thought it did.

All in all, this was all scary but relevant stuff to me, and my folks did listen. For that I’m glad.

Well, today I read about another item on shelves and in products that had my hackles up (because it’s in everything and just seems like a silly way to avoid sugar, if you ask me): fructose. What is fructose? Fructose is something else my dad has to stay away from: fruit sugar. In yet another field of inquiry where science starts to point the finger at our problems, fructose is being seen as a possible factor in obesity.

This sounds a little preachy considering the amount of research, but it does point to the more important issue at hand: it amazes me that as a supposedly intelligent critter running around on this planet, we can’t figure out that moderation is really the way to go. There are no shortcuts to being healthy. You have to eat well, from all the food groups, in moderation, and you have to exercise. There are no shortcuts, and yet, everyone must believe in them because look at the industry in weight loss.

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