you too can survive collaboration

One of my favorite reads that I’ve gotten behind on of late is Neil Gaiman’s journal. This would be because the feed isn’t showing up in Kinja, and while I haven’t the foggiest idea why, I will be sure to try to remedy that fact (and pick up all that lost reading).

So, today I went back to take a look and, as always, was met with a serendipitous collection of things I wanted to know. The most important being how to survive collaboration. These are nuggest of wisdom worth reading, for example:

1) Only collaborate if you both are working on the same thing. If you and your collaborator are writing the same book, great. If you want to write something like Prisoner of Zenda, and he wants to write something like Atlas Shrugged you’d better stop now, while you’re still on speaking terms.

Why would this be important to me? I plan on launching a webcomic in the fall. I really do, only it will be a words and pictures experience rather than a webcomic. I want a little more. I want character journal entries in there, I want interaction, I want ensemble. Only… while creative I am going to consider channeling 7 or so really strong characters. I hope to bring in some folks to “write” those people. I am looking for potential collaborators who are willing to take ideas and run far, hopefully not away from me and deadlines.

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