next gen arranged marriage

Anil has made a modest proposal for the arranged marriages circuit, and while amusing as anything, I also find myself taking pause to think. This is the nature of much of Anil’s writing, and certainly one of the things that makes me read his journal.

I do know a small handful of people in an arranged marriage, and they are happy. This is strange to me, since it seems like such a breech of personal freedom, but there you go. This is not the same as a friend of mine who just sat back while his family said “you know, you should marry that girlfriend of yours.” That’s just power of suggestion to do something that wasn’t a really good idea in the first place.

The only question I find myself asking is this: where do these marriages get arranged? In Canada? Australia? Massachusetts? Other places seem a bit risky in terms of validity of the engagement, as well as validity of the union itself. The other question is this: how are visas to be dealt with, and will there be mail order husband/brides?

The amusement and silly questions seem almost endless.

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