don’t want to lose things

I got a note from a friend asking me to get in touch, asking me to stay in touch. It reminded me of people who seem to be in my past. Some of these are online friends, and some of them are school friends, and just plain oldfolks down the street.

Mom mentioned not too long ago that one friend from home thought I didn’t love him anymore. He thought I was really distant. Part of me thought that was ridiculous, but I can see where he might get that impression. We haven’t spent any quality time of late. In fact, I’ve been in China for 4 years now, so who have I been in touch with really?

I’ve kept up with folks who are online. This has been fairly easy when it comes to lots of Hampshire folks. There aren’t a whole lot of people I was still talking to from before Hampshire while I was still there. Aside from those folks, I would occasionally get in touch with another couple of friends from before that: Ben and Seph. That’s pretty much it, which seemed really sad for a long time.

Last summer I spent some time in the US, and at Jef and Kathryn’s wedding and I had that love for the people I’m friends with kinda put back into the spotlight. It’s easy to forget when you get caught up in the status quo. I loved seeing everyone at that wedding, and seriously I have never had such a good time at a wedding. Before that, I would tell you that weddings are no fun. Now I know they can be (but believe me, my standards are awfully high).

I value my online friends, both journalling folks and online forum folks. I think that everyone needs lots of support, and it can come from lots of places, and there are many ways to help a person grow. I feel best when I’m helping people, so my online friends have been helping me more than they know, even if it seems like I do an awful lot.

Of late, I’ve found myself being more active about being in touch with people I know. I have reconnected with Josh, which is excellent and of course brings a whole gaggle of interesting people within my range of communication. He’s a good person for me to know. Brad somehow managed to track me down of late. I’ve been talking to Joe some, which has been neat and productive and fun and friendly. Those are all good things.

So, to all my friends out there, I love you to bits. Even if you don’t hear from me, I do.

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