social software gone censorship

Social censorship was one of the topics that came up today over at Jeff Jarvis’ BuzzMachine. This is an interesting twist in a puzzle of me rarely being able to connect to some interesting websites.

Living in China, there are certain things that I take as fact about the Internet:

  • I cannot access geocities
  • I cannot access angelfire
  • I cannot access Justin Hall’s stuff online
  • I cannot access tripod sites
  • I cannot access blogspot blogs
  • I used to be able to get around this by using google’s cache, but this no longer works

It surprises me since some Chinese free blogging community services have popped up over the past bit. Also, contrary to popular belief, porn and illicit drug information is extremely accessible from China, which only confuses me. Also, what is available in different parts of China is not the same. In Southern Gansu’s Tibetan Autonomous Region, many Tibetan dissent websites were available, no problem. Those aren’t available from anyplace else I’ve been in China.

Then again, young monks there played a lot of Counter Strike, which struck me as very un-monklike. So much for predictable patterns of behavior.

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