today’s multithemed smiles

I checked my email this morning and noticed that rts updated. Joy! More of Part 3 for me. Seriously, I know the comic doesn’t update regularly, but I like it so much that I could care less. I’m just happy to get more.

An interesting board game was mentioned over at Boing Boing, which is pretty neat. It has me thinking about boardgames I have played and loved, and I am sure that will lead to a post later. Why? This would be because a friend has had me thinking of things that make me happy. Board games, silly as they may seem, can make me happy. Besides, I like silliness.

I also stumbled back across a Royksopp CD yesterday, and have been listening to it on my MP3 player, meaning I can walk around and do the laundry while jamming. I’ve been particularly enjoying the tune eple. I think it’s worth checking out, as is Poor Leno (and be sure to check out the Poor Leno video).

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