vacation thrill

Today I undertook the challenge of cleaning out underneath the keyboard. It had become rather difficult to type since many keys had been acting up. B and R had been particularly tricky, but I thought I’d found a way around it. Today I noticed that the D, C, and space bar were giving me problems. A girl can only take so much from her keyboard.

It’s an interesting process, pulling all the keys out of the keyboard. The wonders of the world of laptops never cease to amaze me. This computer has a particularly satisfying keyboard, with just the right amount of clickiness and bounce to the keys, so I like to keep it in proper working order. Removing the keys while taking care not to harm the plastic spring mechanism underneath can be a bit of a challenge, but that was handled fairly well. I believe only one has a crack under the keyboard, namely under Y. This happened some time ago when the key wasn’t working and I ripped the key off to figure out what was the matter in a fit of rage. Granted, my fits of rage must be something wondrously tiny if the only thing broken is a tiny 1cm piece of plastic.

So, I took of the keys one by one, with a loving patience, and surveyed the damage with tweezers and q-tip in hand. The dust of many places was trapped underneath those keys, and a lot of it. I haven’t been under the whole keyboard since I got the computer back in 2000. I am reminded of the eighth grade term “dust bunnies the size of Buicks.” I am quite impressed that the keyboard managed to type out anything at all. Maybe it was just my telekinetic powers all this time, and the keyboard is merely a placebo-like tool. Well, all that’s in the past because it works very well now. No more backspacing to resurrect an incorrectly typed word. For the next brief while, at least, I won’t be able to blame typos on my keyboard. I have been wont to make such excuses while chatting online. No more for me! I have conquered the laziness and cleaned out the underbelly of my keyboard’s keys. Each one of them. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go wash the soot and dust from my hands.

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