Mitch in Wonderland

I received an email not too long ago lamenting the absence of a comic from my list of links and favorites. Truth be told, while I spend a lot of time on comics, I come nowhere near to knowing all that’s out there. Share the love, if you are so bold, and recommend some to me, since I always work hard to bring them to you. I appreciate recommendations.

Mitch in Wonderland is worth taking a look at, especially in relation to some stuff that I had written about not too long ago. I had mentioned the fact that most of my friends are guys. This is just the way of the world for me, though I’m not complaining. Every once in a while I wonder if it points to some kind of issue in my social interactions, but for the most part I am resigned to the fact that I communicate better with guys. One of my gripes comes from the inherent difficulty with dealing with women, the idea that there can be so many games going on.

I can count on one hand the amount of women I interact with and don’t sense that kind of game. This bothers me to a great degree, since I don’t like stupid games. There are many women I like, but I can’t stand inane competition over things that really don’t matter and just make someone feel bad. In the comic, Matt examines the differences in the way men and women see the world, or at least other women. I know this maybe simplistic and maybe shallow, but I think it’s funny, and having at one point had a tiny foot in the fashion industry, I feel like it’s pretty accurate. Of course, this issue is visited in more depth in the next day’s comic.

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