Eastern Standard Tribe

I’ve just been a bookworm of late. Yesterday I finished reading Cory Doctorow’s Eastern Standard Tribe. It was a fun romp, and as a lightweight it’s no wonder I finished reading it so soon.

The idea of a troupe of people around the world working on a certain homeland’s sleep schedule doesn’t surprise me at all, and of late I find myself doing just that because of network issues. It’s hot and stuffy, and if I get up at 4AM, I can chat with my East Coast buddies while they’re still at work. It’s fun to see that extrapolated out in a book, and of course, being a MA native, I enjoyed seeing the MassPike‘s E-ZPass mentioned and suggested as the tool to launch something exciting.

I didn’t find the whole book as intriguing or thought provoking as Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, but I do get the feeling of someone who knows what I’ve been going through, living and working abroad while still having a deep seated cultural connection to someplace else. Besides, the book is just a lot of fun.

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