I normally don’t expound on the ins and outs of my personal life here, but let’s break that wall today. I need to break something, and this seems the more harmless route to take.

If you ever talk to me on MSN, you would notice that Thursday it said:
把我杀掉吧 (just kill me)

Today it says:
怎么杀了笔记本? (how do you kill a laptop?)

I have been sick for about 2 weeks now. Nasty cold, lung infection, hacking and coughing. Fine. This happens to me with ridiculous weather, and there’s nothing like extreme heat and workplaces with extreme airconditioning to swing me through the full color spectrum of lung fluids.

Saturday I was out helping out in the morning and came home to kitty diarrhea all over the place. Score. Add to my colorful lungs, this just felt great. Got a hold of the cat to see what is up with her, and realized she has fleas. No wonder she’s been hiding from me of late. Sprayed the cat down with flea killer, cleaned up the house, coughed for a good long time and sat on the couch.

This morning, before heading out to get some more stuff done, I turn on the computer. My domain had expired and I was trying to renew. I clicked through a couple of screens only to figure out that the seal on the hard drive jumper cable is broken and it’s cooking itself. The computer died, though I would guess that the hard drive contents are still intact. The problem is that no one replaces that cable, at least no one that I’ve found yet. If someone will, I will hunt them down before I leave Shanghai. I had planned on a new computer, but not now, but I can’t really afford to NOT have a computer now.

At least kitty diarrhea has cut the wardrobe to pack a little more. I don’t feel much like washing poop.

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