laundry pressure

I am closing in on my last week here in China, and the pressure is on to keep up high quality at work while finishing on time, finish the laundry, finish packing, finish shipping, try and work out the laptop tragedy, move things, pay final bills, and keep a level head.

For me, this is a challenge, or it’s starting to be. I am happy when I’m busy, but I am slowly moving into a mode of busy that feels something like being slowly squashed under a heavy stone.

I took in the laptop to be looked at today, and I did get a chance to hang out with someone really neat. It’s nice to have someone come along when you have to get something done and aren’t really sure where to go or who to see. I could have gone alone, but honestly, I shouldn’t be left alone with my own thoughts these days. I’ve been thinking too much, and stopping to think too much will only make me worry, so better to keep moving moving moving.

I will be heading to Hefei on Saturday in a last ditch effort to spend time with people I care about. It will be a good day, and hopefully I can chill out a little more than I have of late. For some reason I chill out better when not in my home environment. When I am in control, I feel pressured internally. When I’m out and about I trust that much of what happens can be left to the elements so long as I know I’m ok. I think this weekend will be a great time to be out and about, though it does worry that it’ll set me back in my laundry schedule.

Maybe I should just pack it all up to the dry cleaners…. well, except underwear. I probably won’t, but I imagine a few last minute things may take that route.

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