The weekend has been a bit of a blur. I finished a bunch of project work Friday. I still haven’t heard back on my computer. I am still stressed.

Yesterday i went to Hefei and spent some time with Yang and his family, which was excellent. I also said goodbye to my cat. So, many mixed feelings.

I came back to Shanghai and was harassed by the taxi driver. I’m still getting a handle on that. Went to work, dealt with stuff there, headed to an Internet bar to check my email, and I’m not looking forward to going to my apartment because it’s going to messy and empty… no cat to keep me company.

Less than a week. I have less than a week here and i seem to be in a constant stupor. That’s fine. i need to get a handle on whether i need a new suitcase, since the one i have has a tear in it. I probably have another box of things to ship. Not looking forward to that, but it all needs to be done. I still need to clear up the water bill as well and apparently i need to go to the local police precinct as well. Who knew leaving was such a pain in the butt.

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