culinary hero

I have a new culinary hero. Anyone who knows me knows that I like the Food Network, and I’ve scrubbed many a good recipe from their resources. I think that last amazing success I had was a mango glazed stir-fry that was pretty spectacular, and that was back when I was still at Hampshire.

Well, currently I am frustrated with tv. I know I sound like I’m whinging, but I can’t be bothered to find much of anything on tv. It’s a hassle. Instead, I occasionally stick on a channel I know to get me through a meal.

Alton Brown struck me as a tv show host who is funny and nerdy, and communicates in a why that I identify with, and on top of that his recipes are straightforward and easy, and he talks about the science of the whole thing. That’s what i want in a cooking show! Less culinary mysticism and more scientific insight into why and how. That way when I want to tinker with a recipe I have an idea whether i am screwing up the elasticity, or sacraficing butteriness for more airiness. Good Eats recipe list is available online, but I highly recommend checking out the show.

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