I’ve been trying to make some headway this week on getting things done, so to speak.

At least I finished reading a book. I was little overwhelmed by the choices offered by my bookshelf. I’ve read twelve books this year, and somehow I had thought it was much less than that. It’s a good thing though.

My biology book came in today, and I can use it for weight training, should I so choose. Somehow I had forgotten how heavy textbooks can be. I’m glad for a sturdy bag when it comes to running around with this thing. I won’t be going anywhere with it and my current laptop, at least not any reasonable distance.

I spent some time revising some writing today and it’s a scary process. I can safely say that the initial draft is bad with a few gems. The worry in revising is that I accidentally toss a few of those gems in exchange for better overall writing. There is this strange moment in reading and re-reading where I wonder if my voice is coming through or not. In this case, it has to be my voice since it’s autobiographical, but I’m not so sure that’s the feeling I get. I’ll have to take it out for a test run and see if the dii folks think it sounds like me.

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