stranger email

I’m sure you’ve all received unwanted or at least unexpected email. We all get spam of one sort or another telling us how to boost our sexual prowess and how to increase our security and whatnot. Sometimes an old friend manages to find you out, sometimes you get that silly message saying you can get a bunch of money from some people trying to move their money in Nigeria or some other country.

What is the strangest unexpected email you’ve ever received?

Yesterday I received a fairly crazy one line email in Russian. I don’t speak Russian, so if you can make heads or tails I’d love to hear it.

Subject: Как построить современный магазин? (но, говорят, их бывает до)

Message: жирны и вкусны: их всех употребили для стола, и
Охотники редко без особенных причин стреляют

I ran this whole thing through babelfish to try to make heads or tails of the message, and this is what came back:

Subject: How to build contemporary store? (but, they speak, them it occurs to)

Message: they are fatty and tasty: them all they used for the table, and hunters rarely without the special reasons shoot

First, I think it’s bizarre that I received an email in a language that I don’t know. Second, pretty neat that there are tools out there to make a very timid guess on what the message is saying.

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