the hearing on… what was that?

When I wrote about drugs in kids today I found myself wondering where in the world I would be able to find the proceedings of this ongoing hearing regarding the FDA.

While ranting at length, a friend pointed me to Congress’ publications online. (thanks Joe!)

To be more specific, what I am looking for will probably show up here with the House Committee on Energy and Commerce Committee Hearings for the 108th Congress . Here we can read about all kinds of interesting hearings:

  • SARS: Assessment, Outlook, and Lessons Learned
  • A System Overwhelmed: The Avalanche of Imported, Counterfeit, and Unapproved Drugs into the U.S.
  • Can Tobacco Cure Smoking? A Review of Tobacco Harm Reduction
  • Legislative Efforts to Combat Spam
  • Blackout 2003: How did it Happen and Why?
  • Identity Theft: Assessing the Problem and Efforts to Combat it
  • College Recruiting: Are Student Athletes Being Protected?
  • The Ultra Deepwater Research and Development: What are The Benefits?
  • EPA’s Resource Conservation Challenge
  • Online Pornography: Closing the Door on Pervasive Smut
  • Problems with the E-Rate Program: Waste, Fraud, and Abuse Concerns in the Wiring of Our Nation’s Schools to the Internet Part 1
  • Parents Be Aware: Health Concerns about Dietary Supplements for Overweight Children

See, a little something for everyone!

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