catching up

I’ve been in class for a month now, and there are some ups and downs to the whole experience. I remember the things about class that can annoy me, and also the things about learning that intrigue me. At least I feel in touch with my own learning style.

Writing has rather stalled out with my mobility. I haven’t really been able to be up and out, and that also means that I haven’t really felt like saying anything. Just me and my thoughts and the walls… oh, and construction. Well, stalled construction. Some day I will not have to sit around the house to open the door for some construction guys that doesn’t show up.

Aside from the depressing state of politics and whatnot, I’ve at least been entertained by the Daily Show and dvds.

Still, some fun art projects have popped up, and that’s keeping me pretty happy. I have rekindled a love of baking (an oven… an honest to goodness oven is a fun thing), knitting, and general home repair. Hrmm… maybe i need to stop watching instructional tv and spend more effort on my art pens.

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