Everything is distance and timing. Once these are mastered everything else will come naturally. Great advice in fencing that applies to the rest of life. You have to know where to be, when you want to cheer someone else up you have to know exactly when to insert that word that might bring a smile to the lips. A challenge, to have perfect timing.

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3 thoughts on “Timing”

  1. i have been trying so hard to find more information about her.. there are little books written about her. especially ones in english.
    I am truly touched by her life too. and have decided to work on an extended paper on her.
    I really like the way you think about her cuz i strongly feel the same way. especialyl the part on how her artwork was judged through her life..and not through the very strokes that brought her women figures to life philosophically.
    thank you very much =)

  2. Echohawk makes an excellent point regarding Pan Yuliang’s fame resting on the details of her life rather than her talent and achievements. I have spent many years traveling to China and Paris to research Pan Yuliang’s life and will publish a book in 2009 with a long story that reveals, finally the truth, based on atributed documents and sources. None of the Internet entries, not one, from any source, Chinese or other, about her life, is correct. The fictional legend of her life simply perpetuate itself over and over in varying versions.

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