Eyes of the Dragon

The Dark Tower series has had me very excited, so after I finished reading the last nonfiction book I was working on, I decided to take on another Stephen King piece. This time I read The Eyes of the Dragon.

Some folks would say it’s different because it’s a more “normal” fantasy than King would normally write. I don’t think that’s entirely true. The narrative voice is a lot of fun, and I imagine a rather gruff lackluster storyteller behind the whole thing. To me, that was a lot of the attraction of the whole thing.

The story does move fairly slow, and I certainly found myself ploughing through the second half of the book at a happier clip than the first half. The characters were still well developed, in keeping with a strong ability, even though the story wasn’t quite as compelling as others I’ve read. However, as fairytales to tell children go, I liked this a whole bunch. The chapters are short enough that you could give a three chapter a night dose easily and keep the book going for a long time with an interested kid. The edition I have has rather lackluster illustrations, but otherwise i thought it was a neat venture.

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