October Art

October was a fairly productive month, with lots of projects and artwork. I finished knitting some socks, I’m on my second pair of socks. I watched Firefly and Alias season 3.

I’ve been most happy with the sketches I’ve managed to work on this month. My October 2004 sketches have been a lot of fun. I am hoping to take the Cheshire Cat picture and actually turn it into a whole Alice in Wonderland series.

The next project is to get up a page for a month-long comic, starting later today. I’ll be sure to give a holler once we’re up and running.

Also, in links I am going to start a “best comics of the month” column, and list the best/prettiest/most amusing comics I’ve come across this month. My hope is to give some insight and introduction to neat comics to folks who maybe don’t read so many comics, and also to give some fun comics to those who don’t keep up with the webcomic circuit.

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