The weekend approaches, and this weekend I’ll be teaching at Splash. I imagine it will be fun and interesting, as it has been in the past.

Splash, and it’s spring counterpart HSSP, were quite literally a lifeline to me when I was in high school. I had come from someplace bad for me emotionally from elementary/junior high, and had stepped into a high school environment that was confining, and emotionally draining in all new ways. I first attended in 1991, and realized that it was ok to talk, and that there were people out there (somewhere) that I could relate to, even if they weren’t in school with me. I started teaching my third semester involved with the whole thing.

I like the people involved in organizing, and i like the classes that are going on this year. I’m pretty geared up for the 163 or so students I’ll be teaching. You’ll be wondering what I’m doing, I suppose. I’ll give you a hint of insight with my class descriptions

The Art of Comics: Comics are an interesting combination of words and pictures that give a different flavor of storytelling. If you are interested in comics, draw comics, or wonder about where comics come from, come along and play. We’ll be looking at the elements of an exciting comic and create some interesting pages that are our own words and pictures venture.

The Power in Words: Vocabulary is an interesting thing since we’re expected to bend over backwards learning an incredible volume of new words. There is a trick to the madness in the building blocks of words, making vocabulary just a little less mystifying. Come play and leave etymologically empowered!

Philosophy Lounge: How do you see the world? Why are we social critters? What are the key distinctions between belief, thought, idea, and faith? Come share your thoughts on anything and everything, whether it’s just getting it off your chest, reflecting on the intricacies of Kierkegaard (or even just find out why Kierkegaard is an interesting name to know), or just discussing why Escher pictures are so neat (or not… I’m open to opinions). This is continuously being run over 4 hours, feel free to come in when you have time!

So, getting out of the house and excitement for me. Lesson plans and photocopies and planning supplies. Sometimes I can’t believe how pumped I get over this stuff. I imagine I’ll have pictures and results to share when the whole thing is over with, and maybe I’ll grace this journal with a little more insight as to what I actually brought to the students.

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