The big day has passed, the meal has been consumed, and I have a killer headache.

I don’t really know what’s brought it on, but I know that I feel like I slammed into a wall.

The family event was interesting and distant all at the same time. People I haven’t seen for a few years kept asking what it was like to only eat raw fish, and while I love sushi, I had to remind folks that they don’t eat that in China.

The next question was whether I got sick of eating rice every day. That meant reminding folks that in my household we did eat rice everyday, so growing up hispanic prepared me well for 4 years of Chinese cuisine.

I am thankful for my life and the people in it. There is a lot of love in my life. I wish some of that love was more accessible in an immediate down-the-street kind of way, but I’ll make do for now and be happy with what I’ve got.

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