The holiday has been fun. I’ve spent some really great time with people I love, and even got to play a board game I’ve never seen before. It’s funny, I grew up with no kids around me and played a lot of board games against myself… so I still find myself fascinated by games of any sort when I can play with others because it’s not something I’ve done with any kind of frequency.

Thankfully I have the money for Biology 112 this spring. That’s a big worry off my shoulders. I’ll be happy to engage my brain in an academic capacity. I still need a plan for some statistics learning, but I may broach that on my own.

My latest illustration and writing project has been going well. I have a mental image of most of the sketches for the piece. I’m wondering if I should try to compile more than one poem for the project if I wanted to seek publication, because 20 pages seems a little small for something bound. Again, more research for me to do I suppose. I really like the poem I have been working with, but translation is no small task, so the more I add to this project, the more I worry about screwing it up. On the other hand… I already have a monkey, and it might be nice to do 12 pieces featuring all the animals of the zodiac.

So there may be much more Tang dynasty poetry in my future.

I also have a new phone number, so drop me a line if you want it. I’m not a phone lover, I don’t like chatting on the phone for long periods of time except with a very small number of people. At the moment I can think of three I don’t mind chatting on the phone with.

I’ve accomplished a bunch of knitting, developed a fascination for the Science Channel, and have spent the last few months marvelling at my own geekiness. At least some of my hobbies have been fairly constructive. I still have some painting to do around the house, so I’m not lacking for projects.

Other than that, not much has been going on for me. It’s actually an extremely mellow holiday. I am wrestling with being in like with someone, which is really just more anxiety and trouble than it’s worth. I’m hoping life will eventually get too busy and distract me so that I don’t dwell on it.

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