fast food in China

I read a book today that reminded me of an older train of thought I had while living in China. I have always been intrigued by the impact of fast food in China, and often wondered what it was like when the first KFCs began opening in China. Today they’re an accepted almost normal part of the landscape, along with McDonald’s, but there was a day when it was not so familiar, and I wonder how customer’s grew to accept the place. I would guess, like Cowboy Chicken, that KFC started out as an exact copy of the US model, but today’s KFC in China is generally cleaner than its US counterpart, but also offers many foods palateable to the Chinese audience, such as Macao styled egg custards, rice porridge in the mornings, and spicy wings that are Hunanese in influence. Before I left China they had 2 wraps, a Mexican wrap and an Old Beijing wrap, they served a pork sandwich, and 辣子鸡 – chicken deep fried in hot peppers, chopped into fine pieces with the bone-in.

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