another day in the snow…

It’s times like this that I’m glad I don’t live somewhere else where the weather is even harsher. I woke up, did a little bit of exercise, ate some breakfast, and got out to shovel the driveway. The cars were gone and had packed the snow, so bits of it were a chore, but otherwise it went pretty well.

I had an excellent lunch, Hoi Sin Pork Salad. It’s a creature of my own doing, and was wonderfully good. Not having any salad dressing around has made me creative.

Sautee some onions in olive oil, add salt and pepper (I like a ton of pepper)
Slice pork filets into thin strips, add to onions once the onions are clear
Add rosemary
Let the combination simmer together, then add 3 tablespoons hoi sin sauce
add 3 tablespoons water
stir and let simmer/thicken

The pork could be substituted easily with chicken or tofu, according to personal taste.

Once it was bubbling I let it sit while I made a nice salad topped with baby carrots, then slid the strips on the salad and drizzled the whole thing with the sauce.

Let’s see, I also made some cookies today, but I don’t know how they turned out yet. I’m worried that they came out too wet.

I’ve inked the comic for tomorrow, but I still need to color it. (I suppose it would be more appropriate to say “gray it” since I’m not using any color) That will be a good chunk of work for my evening, but I will get done before Full Metal Alchemist comes on tonight.

All in all, it’s been a productive day.

I was really happy with today’s comic, so check it out if you haven’t.

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