Tuesday will be the halfway mark for Quest for Happiness. So far so good. I look back over the last 11 I’ve done and I can see where I’ve been lazy. There are moments… panels that I think work really well, that have great attitude.

The script isn’t stellar, but it works.

The whole venture has me really excited about starting Sidewalk Chalk, because the script for that is better developed. I’m going to start looking it over for last minute revisions this week.

I’m a little worried about color though. I don’t like color… or to be more truthful… I am scared of working in color. I have a neat monochrome plan for Sidewalk Chalk, playing off of some ideas from the film version of Dick Tracy. That should make my life a little easier and keep me from being so uptight about it. When I sketch and play with images I rarely do things in color. Aside from watercolors, many of the things I’ve worked on have suffered from having color added, at least that’s my opinion.

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