a hint of bliss

I had been feeling rather stir crazy and down last night. Come to find out, I seem to come crashing off an emotional high when I finish a week of the comic. I feel better today. I finished up 2 sketches for the next week of Quest, I read a little more of the book I’m working on, and I got smacked with a serendipity.

First, I got another bookshelf. There cannot be enough bookshelves for me. Second, I found 2 big boxes full of my books. There were a lot of comic books included in that box, as well as sci fi books, fantasy books, environmental reports, and China books. This means that despite a bad mood yesterday, I am incredibly happy.

On a side note… I cleared icicles off the house and tried to chip through some of the ice built up there. I managed to bean myself with a chunk of ice, so maybe this euphoria is partly related to whacking myself in the head.

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