keys (a little nostalgia)

It’s been a busy week for me. Came back from Baltimore, I’ve started working, class has been going on, I saw my buddy Alyissa, and then Thursday I crashed out with a really intense headache.

As the week slowed I had a chance to reminisce on some of the more stupid things I’ve done, in particular, the stupidity of losing keys.

There was a time when I kept my keys chained to myself, and with good reason. I had a tendency to leave keys behind. I’m brilliant with languages, good at art, and overall a pretty pert student, but I just can’t seem to hold onto keys. I used to lose my dorm keys all the time, so my door was almost always open. The fact that my room belongings never got up and walked away amazes me. Granted, my room was a mess and on first glance nothing looked very stealable, but hidden under the piles was a minor treasure trove.

I used to drive a 1995 Neon. It’s a cute car. High school friends used to call it the mento. The car was small, cute and zippy, and seemed to suit me well. I drove everywhere in that little car. I also lost my original neon keys to that car in Harvard Square while out with my friend Ben. I wonder if he remembers that evening. I was slightly traumatized over the whole thing, as I had already lost my spare key to the car.

In college I went a step beyond that. I remember going to Northampton with Jef, Kathryn, and Josh. I don’t remember if we had anyone else in the car, since we could have fit one more. I know Josh was along because we were playing the Mortal Kombat techno soundtrack and had been listening to Sub Zero repeatedly, loud enough to make the side mirrors tremble. We were having a great time. I can’t remember if we were going to Fitzwilly’s or the pizza place on the corner, but we parked in that little parking lot just after the bridge. I’m pretty sure we were going to Fitzwilly’s. We got out of the car and everyone had locked their doors. I noted the mistake of shutting my door just a little too late, and time slowed down the same way it does in cheesy movies where the main character says “noooooo” and it sounds like some satanic belch or something. This time I was the sucker stuck in slow motion as Josh shut his door. I had left the keys in the ignition, and genius of geniuses, I had left the car running.

Calling AAA solved the problem, but not the stupidity. The following week I went and bought some chain at the hardware store to keep my keys attatched to my body. Hard to lock the keys in the car when I was always tied to them.

Two feet of chain kept my keys from walking away for quite some time. I ditched the chain some time in 1998, as I developed better key responsibility.

In the last couple of months I have left the keys in the car three times, and earlier this week was brilliant. Alyissa came in, I drove her up to her interview, we were early and went to check the commuter rail info, and after browsing a bookstore we realized the key was in the ignition, the doors were locked, and the lights were on. The Beverly fire department was nice enough to wreck some of their door wedges and a car antenna to break into the car, and Alyissa made it to her interview. The world was put right, but the memories of leaving keys in the car leave me wanting to make another trip to the hardware store. I am supposed to be getting a new car next week, and I’m thinking my smartest car security purchase may be a couple of feet of chain.

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