Since becoming employed, it has become possibly to construct a strategy of financial rehabilitation. It’s a good feeling. In order to keep things sane, I constructed a budget that goes about 2 months into the future in detail, and 6 months into the future as a projection.

Aside from this sort of sigh of relief, I am also watching much of my free time go out the window, promised to various tasks here and there. This gave me another idea.

I made a financial budget for myself, but to insure I stay happy as well as paid, I should also make a time budget. Unfortunately the next week is going to get away from me with only one real chance to go have fun. Choir and holiday obligations on top of class leave me with free time this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night. That’s it. Most folks I know aren’t too keen on hanging out after 10PM, but that’s what my time is looking like.

This is not so bad. I tend to be up until 2AM, and I have some projects that have been suffering. A good time plan may help get some of my alone time refunneled into doing that stuff. The only concerns I have is that I need to make my way to the Boston Public Library and get other various odd tasks done that require transportation.

Is a time budget going a little too far? It’s hard for me to tell. Not that I shy away from ventures in geekdom, but sometimes I worry that I’m becoming too process oriented and not as spontaneous as is healthy for me. Actually, I don’t have the luxury to be spontaneous because of transport. That probably has a bunch to do with it.

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