can we empower the powerless

Morals and politics are playing some scary lines these days, and it seems to come up in conversation whether wanted or not.

Today I read an interesting editorial on US aid, and possible harm, to the AIDS epidemic in Africa. I can understand the desire to take the moral high ground in these situations, though I can’t endorse its effectiveness. What interests me in this situation is that women are being victimized by being monogamous because a husband you see once every few months is probably not monogamous.

I find myself wondering if it might not be good for a company like Durex or Sheik or Trojan to invest a whole lot of money into an enormous campaign (or propaganda smearfest) across Africa, something that could be handled as a charitable tax writeoff, but seeks to change the societal views towards condoms. I mean, why not use the mtv-ization of the world for something good, right? It’d be something going way over the heads of government, so screw them and their inability to decide which morals to endorse.

Otherwise, what are we left with? Convincing women to leave their husbands, or worse yet, convincing women to stay out of the bedroom? These women are currently set up to lose, whether they are wives or prostitutes.

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