dance dance dance

I love books that manage to take the very real world and hold it up sideways so that different things come to light. Murakami has a lot of fun. The characters all have such brazen, honest moments that I laughed often reading this book. There’s a build of uncertainty and suspense but, like the main character, I didn’t find myself overly concerned. I just hung on for the ride.

I climbed into bed and stared at the phone. … At times like this, the telephone becomes a time bomb. Nobody knows when it’s going to go off. But it’s ticking away with possibility. … The phone either looks like it’s dying to say something, or else it’s resenting that it’s trapped inside its form. Pure idea vested with a clunky body. That’s the telephone. (dance dance dance)

The main character spends the whole story tgrying to keep himself from spinning off the face of the planet, and all the while the story avoids becoming a distinct genre piece.

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