sin city

Hot, sexy, violent, and inappropriate. I find these are qualities I like in a comic, though often it doesn’t transcend to screen. While I adore Tank Girl and what it was trying to achieve, it didn’t get there and it sold the comic short.

Not quite so for Sin City. I feel like they worked really hard to get into the grittyness of the comic while staying away from trite butt-kicking girls that seem to be all over the place these days.

I know most of those near and dear to me are not so hot on violence on-screen, but I really liked this. The cinematography was a lot of fun as was the color. The title sequence was well done, immersed in the film rather than a passing piece of script, and the immersion for those unfamiliar with the comic seemed well done. Let’s be clear, this is not one of my top comic reads of all time, but I think it’s definitely worth familiarizing oneself with if there’s an interest in comics.

As for the film… there were lots of people in the film that I really liked, and most importantly I think the film might open doors for some folks to the not-your-Sunday-morning-funnies comics.

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