trying to keep busy

The last couple of days have been really great, and have given me a sunny view on life.

Wednesday at the museum was fun and fulfilling, and my hands were black after finishing reorganizing the Neogastropods. I am flying through the compactors and really starting to make an impact, which feels really good. The average person must find this stuff really boring, but i love looking at these interesting dead critters in jars of alcohol. Granted, most of them need to be rehoused, and the alcohol needs to be topped off etc… and I imagine that will be another project I will be asked to do. It’ll be fun getting a handle on the proper percentages of things to mix, and I’ll probably get to set the giant tank of alcohol at least once.

After work I got to hang with Alyissa for a bit and catch up on things since she came back from NYC. That was good. I don’t see her enough, which I feel bad about… so it was good to hang out and have some bubble tea. Tealuxe is a pretty neat little place in Harvard Sq, and I hadn’t realized how reasonably priced their tea is. Yay.

Then I went off to see a Louis XIV show over at the Paradise. I went alone, which was a bit of a venture for me socially because… well… usually going to things like that alone make me skittish. Probably has something to do with my tendency to get hit on by really slimy guys. Anyhow… the two opening acts… didn’t like them too much. The Boston band was more fun (for me) than the Chicago band… but neither of them struck me enough to bother to learn their names. Eh. Louis XIV, on the other hand, rocked. I got into them when I heard an in-studio thing they did on FNX last year, and I went out and bought their CD (a rarity for me these days… only bought 4CDs in the last 6 months). I’ve seen the band live 3 times this year, but the other 2 were at festival events where they’re in a huge venue and don’t have time to really tweak the sound system. Seeing them in their own show, where they really got to own the place was divine. They’re great performers, and they work well together. That, and guys who wear eyeliner well are hot.

Not a bad Wednesday.

Thursday I got up and worked, then went to a Stone tasting over at Bauer. Chatted with some really nice people over there, spent some money, and even got some pretty stickers with gargoyles on them. Oh how I love Stone. Then I hung with some folks and drank beer and slept on a couch. I woke up really early and took the T back home, and tonight I’m gonna meet up with another couple of friends after dinner. Yay.

I’m sure I will crash from all the excitement over the weekend and be bummed out by Sunday, but for now, I’ll ride the high of having fun.

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