lost in Widener

I had to pick up a couple of books and photocopy a couple of pages for a short paper for Environmental Management. I love libraries because they don’t give me that sense that I need to spend money. I am glad for that. I am also glad that I can check things out.

I first went over to Widener, which is a rather massive building. Security checks in buildings creep me out, but it wasn’t a big deal. I made my way over to the Stacks desk and asked where to find the stuff I was looking for, and they didn’t really help me, but they did send me toddling off in the direction of a map, which was better for me than people interaction anyway.

So the stuff I was looking for was actually in Pusey (and I can’t imagine a nice way to pronounce that, no matter how I try). This meant going down 4 floors and walking through a tunnel, then once I got there I had to go down another floor. I love tunnels and hidden corners and whatnot, so I was essentially ecstatic though thoroughly unsure if I remembered how to get out. I found the journals I was looking for and had to walk around a bit before I found the photocopiers, and then muck around some more to figure out where to put things to reshelve. Their section of environment/sustainability books floored me… I would love to just check out that whole section and read in bliss. I took out 2 more books than I expected today, but they do provide nice weather-proof bags to carry around books in, so all was well.

Now I’m over in the basement of the Loeb Library, since I was looking for another 2 books here (one on brownfields, and one on sustainability and design). Easy to find and check out, and now I’m hanging out and just sort of marvelling at how wonderful the whole library experience has been.

The nice thing about an institution that has altogether too much money is that the libraries rock. Yay libraries. I suppose when bits of operation move over to Allston I’ll be annoyed as some material may be across the river, but that’s not a huge thing to complain about since the Sunset is right around the corner.

I feel much the same way about libraries and museums… I could get lost for hours and hours. I had an interesting with coworkers last week about exhibits and how much time they should take you, and while I agree that you want people to be able to comfortably view things in a short time span since they’re going to get overloaded and not enjoy if not well planned… there is still the issue that I will sit in spaces like that for hours and hours on end if you let me. Oh… there goes the phone.., i ought to head out.

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