Life Changes

In early February I moved to Somerville, and with that and the new semester my life has sort of spun into a flurry of activity and library sitting. This is my first day to myself in a bit, so and update is most certainly in order.

I decided to join Fort Summer, which is a beautiful place to live. I am still learning an awful lot about scul, which is a huge part of what goes on around here. I have a funky blue room with crazy ceilings and a great home environment. I’ve been enjoying the silly household activities like laundry, cleaning, and cooking.

Along with the relocation, I am now a whole lot closer to everything I do, so I can walk to work at the museum every day, and when I have class it’s an easy walk home. I’ve also taken to spending a lot more time with friends, making dinner together, checking out movies, even checking out crazy free jazz. I am reminded of my life in China where all my time was spent on the subway, bus, and walking. I’m averaging about 3+ miles a day, and health-wise I’m feeling fantastic for the effort. I just need to remember to move my car every few days as per Somerville’s parking guidelines.

Last weekend I gave my time and effort over to BeerAdvocate for Extreme Beer Fest. Only good things are coming from that, including a trip down to Brooklyn next weekend to visit Six Point. There were some great beers there, and I got to try out some Sly Fox brews, a company I was not familiar with before. The pre and post parties were a lot of fun, and yes, I trudged through the snow to the T on Sunday to make it to the Publick House for brunch on Sunday and had a lot of fun chatting with BeerAdvocate folks that I don’t see all that often.

I did really well in Environmental Management 1 last semester, and this semester I’m foraying into part 2 of the course. I’m also taking a course titled “Global Climate Change: The Science, Social Impact and Diplomacy of a World Environmental Crisis.” The climate change class is more fulfilling for me personally, and I have to do a project for both classes. I am theming both of my papers on China related topics, and one will be more of a media and anthropology piece, which is something I haven’t written in a very long time. I’m quite excited about it.

I am already fairly settled, though I haven’t nailed down my desk setup yet. It’s alright since I’ve preferred splaying myself and reading and research all over the floor lately. I don’t know that will remain the case, but for the time being it really works. My walls are still looking at little bare, except a bulletin board where I have my Full Metal Alchemist calendar (the best Christmas present ever!). I also have a neat painted fan up, but it keeps falling down.

I did have a great thought for a wall hanging “exhibit” I’d like to do, aside from pulling things out of my portfolio to put up. I plan on picking up 2 posters, one of the reclining Ferris Bueller, from the movie poster, and another of a reclining nude painting, to do a sort of side by side time period comparison. I can’t remember a lot of my favorite reclining nude paintings, so if there are any suggestions I would appreciate them.

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